Franklin Gulf Park – short hike to creek only

Franklin Gulf Park – short hike to creek only

  • Saturday, April 18, 2015

    10:00 AM

    Franklin Gulf County Park

    North Collins, New York, North Collins, Ne (edit map)

  • Parking Area for Franklin Gulf Park on Larkin Road
  • Franklin Gulf Park, once known as Larkin Woods, is on the border between the towns of Eden and North Collins. It is an Erie County Conservation Park, most of the land of which was acquired from the Larkin family who used it as a retreat. You can read more detailed information about the park and the trails at

    Take a Hike in Franklin Gulf Park

    Franklin Gulf Park Trail Guide – The Red Trail

    This hike is only going be about 2 miles total, taking us to the confluence of Franklin Gulf and the unnamed creek because the creek is probably going to be too high at that point to cross safely. However, we will get to see some great scenery including the ravine, the remains of the Larkin cabin, and the confluence itself as shown in the pictures below.

    I’m taking this hike to give my dog a test hike in the woods as he is recovering from a toe amputation so feel free to bring you dog too. There will probably be a few muddy spots on the trail, and there is a decent hill we go down to the creek then need to climb back up, but we will go as slow as necessary to be certain everyone stays together.

    We will follow the red trail in and take the orange trail back, most of which are the same except for two separated portions.

    Link to G4Map of the hike

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