Boyce State Forest – Hike and Picnic to FLT Leanto

This 2 mile hike through Boyce Hill State Forest will combine a portion of the DEC horse trail (shown in Orange on the maps below), two off-trail portions (shown in Blue and Purple), and a short section of the Finger Lakes Trail (shown in White).   My dog Mickey will be with us on the hike so feel free to bring your dog as well.

This is a dry weather hike because we will stop at the FLT leanto for an extended period if it is unoccupied. We can start a fire and relax for an hour or two. Bring your own snacks and refreshments. I’ll have a hammock for relaxing.  Others might bring packable camp chairs similar to the Big Agnes Helinox Camp chair. There is also a bench and picnic table at the leanto as well as an open air privy.

We are starting at noon because it is Spring Turkey Season during which hunting is allowed until noon and we don’t want to disrupt anyone who might be hunting that day.

EXTREMLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The only way that you can get to the parking area is via the forest road off of Jackson Road that is off of Bakerstand Road (County Rt 17).

Many digital street maps, including Google Maps, don’t show the full extent of the forest road going to the parking area but instead show two old forest roads (both named “Riemer Lane”) BUT NEITHER RIEMER LANE CURRENTLY EXISTS.

Do not attempt to get to the parking area over either Riemer Ln. The red line on the G4Map Link shows the route I take from Rt 16 to Rt. 242, to Bakerstand Rd (County Rt 17) to Jackson Road (all of which are paved).

There is an FLT sign at the corner of Bakerstand Rd and Jackson Rd because Jackson Road is part of the FLT that goes from Boyce State Forest to Bear Creek State Forest.

The forest road is 1/4 mile down Jackson Road. The forest road is unpaved and has a metal pole gate that will be opened. There are residences on either side of the beginning of the forest road.

Follow the forest road up the hill then to the end of the road where there is a parking area an turn around. The coordinates for the parking lot are 42.33249, -78.5197. Use those coordinates in your GPS otherwise your GPS may try to route you to Riemer Lane which does not exist.

This is the link to the G4Map (the red line is the route to the parking area from Rt 16)

This is an aerial photo of the hike (the red line is the route to the parking area from Rt 16)

This is Topo Map of the hike (red line is the route to the parking area from Rt 16)

This is the elevation Profile:

Some pictures from past hike in Boyce State Forest:


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