Bear Mt from Quaker Lake – let’s find some bears!


If you sign up for the hike you will be put on the waiting list.  On Thursday night  before the hike the people on the waiting list will receive an email inviting them to confirm their participation.  The first 12 people to respond will be moved to the participating list.

if your plans change at the last minute please send me a text (I’ll give my number to the participants by email the night before the hike) so that the rest of us are not waiting at the trail head for you to arrive.

This 6.2 mile bushwhack hike will take us from the Quaker Lake Beach house parking lot to the summit of Bear Mountain where we will find a USGS benchmark and two USGS reference marks. All off-trail, but should be mostly open forest with some ground cover.  This is a repeat of the hike done in October, 2013 (click the link for that hike info)

The first 3/4 of a mile is a steady climb but we will hike slow enough for everyone to enjoy it and for everyone on the hike to make it to the top of the ridge without being exhausted.  If you can walk 6 miles then you will be able to complete this hike.  It will be a slow paced hike with frequent stops, taking about 5 to 6 hours.

If the weather is not rainy we will have a 1/2 hour to hour break at the summit so bring whatever you may need to be comfortable – I’ll bring my hammock or a hammock chair. If you bring wine and cheese you have to bring some for me too.

A map, compass, whistle, flashlight or headlight, water, energy source, dry clothing, and first aid kit are necessary, along with whatever you need to survive an unexpected night in the woods (in case something unexpected prevents you from existing as planned.)

You don’t need Mt. Everest quality items.  You can print a map from a the G4Map link below and get most of everything else at Walmart or the Dollar store.

You can email me with any questions you might have, or just post them in comments below.  I would rather spend time before the hike helping those who need help to be prepared than deal with an unprepared participant during the hike.  I amnot leading this hike under my professional guide license.  I am merely going on a pleasure hike on which others are invited to join me.

If you are not an experienced hiker then these articles in our discussion section will help you prepare for this hike

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G4Map of planned hike (you can print a map from this link.)

Elevation Profile – one way (going in)

Pictures from October 2013 hike (it won’t be that cold this Saturday but might be wet)

Pictures from April 2013 hike (again, there won’t be any snow this time)

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