Bucktooth State Forest – FLT Portion

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Saturday, June 29, 2013, 9:00 AM
Bucktooth State forest - FLT access site

Note:  If you put your name on the waiting list then you will get an email inviting you to decide whether or not you are going to join in this hike a few days before the hike.  The first 12 people who respond to that email will be listed as participants in the hike. Those who don’t respond to the email will remain on the waiting list which will then operate as a normal waiting list.

I go on these hikes whether or not anyone else joins in, but I need to know if others are joining as I will wait at the trailhead for late arriving participants.

This hike will be over parts of the Finger Lakes Trail through Bucktooth State Forest, which is northwest of Salamanca.

I have hiked all of the FLT though Bucktooth State Forest. This 6.2 mile hike will take us up two of the most challenging hills and through what I think is the most scenic portion of the FLT in Bucktooth State Forest.

To avoid the less interesting logging road sections, we will start the hike on Buck Run Road, climb south up a 2,333-foot mountain, then return to the cars on Buck Run Road (a 4.2 mile round trip hike.)

We will then head north up a 2,200-foot hill, stop at the top at a bivouac area (bring your hammocks for a nap), then return to the cars on Bucktooth Run Road. Roundtrip for the second portion is about 2 miles.

After the hike we can drive around the north end of the forest and down to Sawmill Run road to view the hillside where the plane crash of 1951 killed about 25 people (about 15 people survived two nights in the woods waiting to be rescued.)

A waiver of liability will be required.  You can download it, fill it in on your computer, then return it to me by email.  Failure to return the waiver will preclude you from participating in this hike.  Here is the link to the release form: Release of Liability

Link to elevation profile of entire hike


<a href="http://www.mappingsupport.com/p/gmap4.php?q=http://www.wnytrails.com/Bucktooth/BucktoothPlannedHike.kml&ll=42.190097,-78.813069&t=t1&z=14“>Link to G4Map of the entire track.

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